Food Processors

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Rob C

Food Processors

...and that sorta stuff...

Have run out of patience with my current one...when trying to make the choc truffles recipe, it failed to blend the choc granules adequately with the simmered cream butter and brandy...the blades left lots of choc at the bottom of the mixer...

If I was to buy a new one, what would you suggest?

I am looking for a blender combined with a food processor. I wouldnt say it gets a lot of use...about £100





I can only recommend from personal experience but I have had the most basic Magimix for over 20 years and it has never let me down. I use it daily and only this year decided to replace the blade as I realized it was a little blunt, now it is as good as new! I use it for pastry, making soups, chopping veg., cake mixtures ....the list is endless! I wouldn't be without it.

sam from worthing

Food Processors

There has been an enormous amount of chatter about FP's in the last 2 months.

So many people have differing views.

have a look through this section and you will see all the comments.

I presonally lovely my moulinex, cost about £40 with differing blades and graters and juicers and a blender too.

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