Electric Pie Maker.

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Lyn B

Electric Pie Maker.

No good getting old if you don't get crafty is my motto. Getting tired & lazier the older I get, so I treated myself to an electric pie maker (Like a sandwich toaster but deeper). Has yet to arrive, but supposed to cook pies within 10 minutes. Now is this going to become a useless 'noddle poddle' that is used for a day or so & then gathers dust at the back of the cupboard? Have any of you got one of these "contraptions"? How good are they? And have you any suggestions for fillings - bearing in mind "Mr Grumpy" is into sweet stuff, whereas I'm a savoury sort of gal.All replies - much apprecited.
(Still have a weep for "Orphan Annie now & again, but Cedar the siamese brings me in the odd mouse for company!" You would think my screams of "Get it Out"
would tell him, I don't need anymore pets!)


Pie maker

Did a double take when I read this !
Sorry Lyn, just had to chuckle.

Do let us know how they turn out !

I've just made a chicken, ham and leek for my neighbour along with a blackberry and apple. Both taking longer than 10mins. though !

Lyn B

Pie Maker

Those sound tasty Sandra. I'll bear them in mind. I think some of the fillings must be pre-cooked to take such a short time. I'll let you know when the 'thing' arrives. I know you can't beat home made pies, and after my experience with that humpty backed chicken wing - or was it a humpty spined mouse? I now want to know exactly what goes into my pies or any pre-prepared food for that matter.
I read yesterday on the Daily Mail forum about Delia's ready prepared kit for making a Christmas Cake - now anything that saves me time these days is worth a try. Next shopping expedition, Mr Grumpy will be sent forthwith with orders to pick up the mix. I notice almost to a tee - that other cheat cooks were all in favour of that cake! Well done Delia - every little helps as the old lady says as she pee'd in the sea.


Electric Pie Maker.

You must let us know how it goes Lyn.

I googled the term "electric pie maker" and came up with two results. One a machine like a toasted sandwich maker via Argos, and the other quite a good looking thing that you don't actually plug in but use on the hob and I was quite taken with!

When I first read the title of the post, the first thing I thought of was the film "Chicken Run"
where there is this huge machine, chickens go in one end looking quite startled, and come out the other end as a pie! Ha ha ha!

Yes, I do think its cooked filling you need, but as you mention, anytime you make a carerole, or anything of that type, you can freeze it in the right portion sizes for a quick meal at another time.

Also, if it is the one you line with pastry like a toasted sandwich maker but deep pockets, then someone on the argos site suggested ready rolled pastry. Unroll it, cut to size using the cutters provided, and then freeze it with greeseproof between the layers, then you also have the pastry as well as the filling ready to go for a really quick meal.....

Sounds alright to me!



Electric Pie Maker.

I've got one of those too. It's the sort that uses sheets of ready made puff or shortcrust pastry, as James described.
They're quite popular over here.

I use leftover vegs, curry, or whatever else I have, to make the pies.
They don't take much filling, so good for leftovers.
I don't use mine very often, but enjoy the results when I do - especially for a quick lunch.
You can also make mini quiches in them.

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