In the US and trying to...

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In the US and trying to...

Find a measuring jug that is Imperial measurements, along with UK size tablespoons and teaspoons. Does anyone know where to find them with out me forking over both arms and legs to have them imported?


In the US and trying to...

I always thought the US used Imperial measurements - just discovered there are some differences!!

The table below is from Wikipedia. Tablespoons and teaspoons are almost the same for UK and USA. Cups are a bit different, but not worth going broke for!!

Others who live over there may have more useful advice.

Measure Aust. Canada UK USA
Teaspoon 5 ml 5 ml 5 ml 4.93 ml

Dessertspoon 10 ml —

Tablespoon 20 ml 15 ml 15 ml 14.79 ml

Cup 250 ml 250 ml 285 ml 236.59 ml 240 ml


the US and trying to..

Sorry, the table I copied didn't come out in an easy to read way!
Try the link


In the US

It's a problem, I know. I live in NY and trying to convert UK recipes into American cups is a challenge. Maybe you'd be interested in the following product at measures by volume and weight:
Taylor Digital Measuring Cup and Scale.

Good luck!

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in the US

i bought a pyrex measuring jug in the supermarket and it has fl oz on it...and we are officially metric here in Canada

have you tried a big supermarket - one that does homewares?

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