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I wonder if anyone knows if there is a ridged pan available which you can use on an induction hob. I would appreciate any help. Grizz


Ridged pan

Hi Grizz
By ridged pan I assume you mean a griddle pan? Some of the cast iron ones are OK for induction (not sure if they all are). I got one from Ikea that works on induction, but I find it hard to clean.
Le Creuset also do a cast iron, induction compatible grill pan - I expect a lot more expensive than Ikea!!! - but there are probably lots more.


Ridged Pan.

I got mine in Ikea too Sonya. Agree with you, a right pain to clean.....

To be fair though, it was inexpensive and it is good and solid, have had it for 8 or 9 years now.


Griddle for induction hob

I bought a Tefal one. Have used it a lot, it has a nice sturdy feel without being to heavy.

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