charlotte russe cups

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charlotte russe cups

where can I buy charlotte russe cups as I would like to make small individual ones or is there something else I can use as a substitute


Charlotte Rousse

Hi No Name. Frankly I would not know exactly what you are looking for unless they leapt up and bit me in the face. More info required. They sound so esoteric you might be better finding a substitute, in perhaps a big Tesco or somesuch.

Fifi La BonBon

Charlotte Rousse Cups

Well, I've heard of most things, but never these and I think you would struggle to find them! Try washed out yogurt pots, little individual pudding basins or even a suitable tea cup. They don't have to have straight up and down, they could be pudding basin shaped, or maybe you might find some little plastic pots on the supermarket shelves. Good luck!

Jim McK

cups for C.R.

In the past NPD job i used aluminium dariol (Spelt wrong)! cups
they look like biggish egg cups.
They are availble from good kitchen bits shops.
Origanally come from France.Used in England to make those awful cakes covered in coconut with a nasty red cherry plonked on top!
Talking of awful dont buy nasty shop sponge fingers, do the job proply and make your own! Worth the effort.
If you need recipe forum me.
Good luck,

Jim McK

Dariole moulds for cr

lots of suppliers on search engine for these
Jim in grey day Oxford

JamJar aka Chutney Queen

charlotte russe moulds

That's weird, I posted a response to this but it hasn't gone through. Anyway it was almost the same as Fifi's - try plastic yogurt pots or teacups. I certainly wouldn't buy something special just for one dessert.

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