New Cast Iron Griddle Pan - Care Query

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sarah jacintha

New Cast Iron Griddle Pan - Care Query


I've just bought a Sainsbury's 'Cook's Collection' Cast Iron Griddle Pan. It was only £20 (it's one of the smaller pans), but it did have great reviews - so I bought it.

I read the (scanty) blurb that came with it and there was no instruction to season the pan before use.

After washing it (gently) and drying it thoroughly, I used kitchen paper to apply a very thin amount of ground nut oil - because it doesn't have a strong flavour - over the surface of the pan. I didn't heat it up and season it properly because I was unsure whether I'd done the right thing in applying a bit of oil anyway. I then left it for a few minutes.

Then I brushed a couple of salmon fillets with olive oil (I brushed the skin side with oil as well as the 'unskinned' side) and then seasoned with a bit of salt and pepper.

I put the empty griddle pan on a high heat and waited for it to heat up. Then I put the fillets in and they stuck almost immediately! After a bit, I freed the fillets from the skin and carried on as normal. The fillets tasted OK actually, but they did have that 'caught' taste.

What did I do wrong? Should I have seasoned the griddle? Because I had heard that you season the fish/meat - not the pan.

Would like your views on care for cast iron griddles please!


Cast iron pan

When you fry something, you must not move it about until you want to turn it.

This applies to steak or fish. If you move it straight after laying it in the pan, it will STICK.

sarah jacintha


Thanks! I may have moved it, I'm not sure. What do you think about the seasoning question? Wouldn't the manufacturer instructed me to season it before use - if that's what you're meant to do?

I've noticed that in the U.S. they use cast iron skillets etc. a lot. And they tend to think you should season before use.

Not sure if this applies to griddle pans though.


Hi Sarah

I have a Le Creuset griddle pan, and I seasoned it at the outset - I'm sure this was detailed in the manufacturer's instructions. I only need to re-oil it very lightly, using kitchen towel, after washing each time now (if I don't do this then it definitely does stick, even if the food is oiled, & I don't move it..)


We do.

Cast iron is quite common in the USA, though many don't like it because you cannot put it in the dishwasher.

Lodge manufacturing is the last domestic to the USA cast iron producer, and. It all their line is made here ; their enameled pans are made in China.

Try using Google to get seasoning instructions. Groundnut oil is very good for that. I use safflower too. Typically you wash and dry the pan, brush it liberally with oil and place in an oven at 150C if I remember properly, for about an hour, then switch off and let it cool. (Place a baking tin on the shelf below to catch oil drips). You may want to do this two or three times.

To clean, do not use heavy soap,on it; many simply sprinkle salt in the pan, scrub with a damp cloth, rinse, and dry.


sarah jacintha

Thankyou all..

I'm a bit disappointed with Sainsbury's because on the front of the packaging of the product it is marketed simply as 'Cook's Collection' Cast Iron Griddle Pan.

On closer inspection (on the back of the product's packaging) the label states that it is enamel coated cast iron with a vitreous (or porcelain) non-stick layer. As far as I'm aware this means I can't season it the way you'd season a traditional cast iron pan (ie put it in the oven as Nate recommended - though I'm thankful for his help). I wrote to Sainsbury's explaining my confusion but the advice they gave me didn't really help. Food keeps sticking.

Though the product isn't manufactured by them, I know that 'Lodge' do enameled cast iron pans with vitreous/porcelain non-stick coating so I'll consult their website and season my pan their way.

Thanks all for responding.

AOL Cookshop

Why food sticks on a grill/griddle?

Nearly always when food sticks to a pan without a coating, it's because we apply too much heat to it. It is completely normal and desirable for the food to stick on impact, as you want to develop a crust/sear to lock in the liquids and flavours. And as someone said earlier, we shouldn't move the food initially. If however, food does not lift up after a while (1 to 2 minutes generally) then it's because it's too hot, and the burning makes the food stick. Solution: if it's a stainless steel pan, like Demeyere Grill then reduce the heat (to about half) and it should lift off. If you are using Cast Iron however, like then reducing the heat will not have any immediate effect because cast iron is so fantastic at retaining heat. What is needed is to not put so much heat in the first place, so you might burn the food this time but next time, use only medium heat from the beginning and wait for the pan to be slowly heated through (3 to 4 minutes), then put your (I oil the food myself) food on the pan, and it will first adhere but then release when the sear is done.



I have a le cruset cast iron ridged grill pan which is used occasionally, but usually only for making bruschetta, or other than that char grilled aubergines. This one is enamel on the base and it always goes through the dishwasher.... Things do stick occasionally and I just use a Brillo pad and elbow grease!

Prior to that I had an 'unsealed' cast iron griddle and I had to keep it oiled to stop it rusting. In the end I gave up on it. I've also had cast iron sizzling serving dishes that have gone in the recycling as they had gone rusty as they were not used enough to get the resistance to the rust.

As for the comments about your fish having a 'caught' (as in burnt) taste, well don't forget it's supposed to have a char grilled flavour and is characteristic of this cooking method - did it go one step further than that perhaps?


Griddle Pan Care

I also have the Le Creuset Squarish Cast Iron Griddle pam and I do put mine in the dishwasher....however it doesn't always get the burned on food off so I then use a green scourer sponge and give it a good rub.
I always oil the food rather than the pan so that only the oiled surface area of food cooks and not the residue oil (i.e. the whole surface of the pan). Usually as the AOL posts saves after a couple of minutes cooking the food although charred will lift and be able to be turned or placed in a different spot to obtain the charring marks .

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