Has anyone bought the silverwood fry pan?

Keen to know which brand to buy? Or want to share a great purchase with the rest of us? This is the place to do it...


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Has anyone bought the silverwood fry pan?


Just wondering if anyone had bought the Silverwood fry pan, and what they thought about it.

Obviously you can get other ones - and I have several - but I wondered what folks thought of it.

Since I live in the US, getting Silverwood items is a challenge and I want to know if it is worth it. (I had the Silverwood divided cake tin - 12"/30cm square with dividers - since the mid 1990s and I think it is great, and I did also get Delia's set of cake tins and think equally well of them, so...).

Is this fry pan anodized or is it merely aluminium?

Thanks! Nate


Silverwood frying pan

Silverwood do not make frying pans! I wonder if you mean the Little Gem omelette pans? They are aluminium and are good if you are prepared to take the time to season them properly. Instructions are provided.


If silverwood doesn't do this...

And yet, I was under the impression they did. Take a look here:


And being advertised here:


Delia's site implies silverwood, but the Art of Living cookshop explicitly says 'Silverwood.'

Thanks, Nate


oh, I see.

I see. I thought it odd that Silverwood's website didn't mention it at all. That makes sense to me. I'm rather sorry that it is awfully hard to get amazon.co.uk to send stuff to the USA - they won't, at least not kitchenware.

Then again I have some really nice US made cast iron frying pans that I like alot. And we do have good makers of aluminium frying pans here!

Toad in the Hole

Delia's Silverwood Frying Pan

Hello Nate, yes I purchased the Delia/ Silverwood Frying
Pan from the Art of Living for Christmas (they do mail order here in the UK- but not sure if they will ship to the States). Hope so - its great. My mum has just asked me one for her too. I was directed to their Warehouse mail order shop.
Have a look


Good Luck.



Toad, Julia, thanks!

I don't know why Amazon UK is so selective in things they'll ship either, it's weird.

What's also sad is the difficulty we have to go through to get things not made in China. No offense to the people of China, but too many products coming out of there are poisonous - the melamine contaminated baby formula, pet food, medications, etc. that have been scandals in recent years - for me to want to use many products from there, especially food related products.

A non-China made tea kettle, now that is also something I'd like!


Noreen, Board Moderator

Lttle Gem Frying Pan

Hi Nate. I have spoke to Art of Living and they do ship to the US, it would be around £10.

The pans all get great reviews on their website.

All the equipment Delia has developed herself are on one page now, you can see it all here





Thanks, I appreciate your checking for me.


AOL Cookshop

Silverwood does do the Little Gem

Silverwood produces the Little Gem frying pan and saucepan in Birmingham, for Delia. http://bit.ly/SwVauw



Indeed, and I bought it from you.

However, I was confused by the term 'little gem' since Mermaid produce a fry pan called that.


Silverwood/ little gem

I bought the little gem easily ten years ago, it's still perfect....it's brilliant for omelettes and fried eggs, etc but I found the Spanish tortilla did stick a bit.....

I use a gas hob, and the outside has become a little discoloured, but inside it's immaculate, I find you need to use a metal scouring pad regularly inside - Delia does recommend a dishcloth and soapy water but this isn't really much good! It was an untreated aluminium so you can't machine wash it. Mine went in once, accidentally, and it did survive but it's not recommended!!!

The Silverwood pan now available with the deliaonline stamp is very, very similar to the little gem ones many of us bought years ago when they were first recommended, which I recall were made by a firm called 'lune'. Apparently the firm were on the verge of bankruptcy until the delia effect took hold after she recommended it, and the company soon had to hire extra staff to cope with demand!

Would be well worth getting a Silverwood pan shipped over to the US.


I did !

I did indeed do so.

In fact, I discovered there's a shop in Philadelphia in the US that sells quite a lot of Silverwood stuff. So in addition to my Delia stuff I have some others. My tins were pretty much worn out and I am hoping that what I bought will last the rest of my life!

It's a great little fry pan.

Boy Wonder

Little Gem

I bought the highly recommended frying pan about a month ago. Followed the seasoning instructions to the letter but frying eggs and cooking omelettes are a waste of t
ime as they stick. Tried frying some boiled leftover potatoes this morning, again completely useless. Followed Delias recipe for rice though and that was excellent. Am I doing something wrong? I have at this moment the pan on again for another 8 hours to see if a reseasoning will do tne trick.



I have found that, even with seasoning, you must continue to use it (using spray on nonstick spray,oil, butter, or whatever) -- and when you wash it, don't use detergents.

Simply wait until the pan is cool, so it doesn't warp, and wash in hot water while rubbin with a cloth then dry.

You'll always need to use a LITTLE fat. I find this true even on nonstick surfaces.

Also, how high is your heat? I've usually found when I have a pan that sticks I've got the heat too high, and the foot sticks before cooking.

I gave up nonstick coatings a long time ago as nothing can convince me that there isn't something toxic in them. Just my opinion, but anything that'll kill birds if it gets too hot creeps me out - the "canary in the mine" indeed.


Nonstick Coatings

"I gave up nonstick coatings a long time ago as nothing can convince me that there isn't something toxic in them. Just my opinion, but anything that'll kill birds if it gets too hot creeps me out - the "canary in the mine" indeed."

I think you'll find that was the old-style nonstick coatings and the temperatures they were heated to were very, very high!!
Newer coatings and reasonable cooking temperatures make that info. a bit of a myth, I think.

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