Accuracy of Joseph Joseph triscales

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Gadget addict

Accuracy of Joseph Joseph triscales

I bought these as a present for someone but thought I would test them first. I tried them to measure out half an ounce of butter. When scales show the weight I want I usually take some off to make sure it has just reached the required weight and is not just under the next, higher reading. I did this with the butter and found I had to take off a lot before it showed a reduction. I spent a long time adding and taking off before it appeared to be the weight I wanted but as it didn't look right I reweighed it on my own scales and it only weighed one quarter of an ounce -sorry, I don't know how to do fractions on a computer. I know my own scales are accurate as I test them with weights and have compared the results with other scales. I am so disappointed as I thought I might be tempted to buy another set for myself to use when I just needed to weigh small quantities but now I don't feel I can rely on them. If anyone else has them could you let me know how you find them as I am hoping I maybe just have a faulty set and could exchange them.

Lindsey, Food Editor

Joseph Joseph triscales

Hello Gadget addict,

I haven’t tried these but that doesn’t sound right. They have a years guarantee so I would take them back and get a new set.

Best wishes


Essex Girl

Electronic Scales

That happens to me with my Salter Scales. For example, I might put slightly too much flour in the bowl then take some off and the it goes way under the weight and so on. I think this can be a problem with any electronic scales as I've had bathroom scales in the past that over-read! I must admit that I don't worry too much as long as the weight of flour, butter, etc is there or thereabouts. It shouldn't happen though, should it. I think the readings vary more when the batteries are getting close to needing to be replaced.


Electronic scales

These work by converting a very small voltage from a 'load cell' to some electronics that convert the analogue voltage into a digital reading. However 'accurate' the scales, the best they can do is +/- one least significant digit....obviously! So if, for example, you are working in lbs and your least significant digit is (say) 1/4 oz, then it might read (say) 8 oz +/- 1/4 oz. That's a huge difference. If you set it to grammes it gives you +/- one gramme which is much better.

Most scales are very accurate ex-factory but they are badly affected by soft or uneven surfaces. Before rejecting your scales as inaccurate try them on something really flat like a granite counter....or anything else hard known to be level (i.e you can see it's level with a glass of water or a frying pan with a puddle).

You can calibrate your own scales with known weights. Try a 1kg bag of sugar or flour, for example. They are seldom far out. If you have trusted scales of another type, try tare-ing a glass and add a known amount of water. Tip that out into a jug, re-tare on your new scales and pour the water in. That'll give you a still won't know which is correct, tho'!

I would strongly recommend folk to forget Imperial and go all-metric if you live in UK/EU. But never, ever, mix units. You cannot just convert a few into the other units. Either use metric or Imperial, never mix them.

Hope this helps :)

Gadget addict

Joseph Joseph Triscales

Thank you all for your replies and apologies for delay in replying - visitors from abroad took up more time than I anticipated.
Your comments about Imperial and Metric were very interesting Tompeters so maybe I should convert to grams. The scales originally gave the same results as my brass weights and readings I had kept from measuring another 5 sets of old scales, mine and my daughter-in-law's. I only started checking the Triscales out as the 1/2oz butter I weighed looked far too much and after I removed and re-added some until it reached 1/2oz again it looked far too little and in fact only weighed 1/4oz. on my own scales. I'll have another go in the next few days using grams. Thanks again everyone for your advice.

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