Ice Cream Maker

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Liz Moulder

Ice Cream Maker

I have been thinking about buying an ice cream maker with a compressor partly because I have a small freezer but also because I quite like the idea of making it without having to plan ahead. However... I have "googled" a few recipes and it would seem that you need to make a custard at least 2 hours before, preferably the night before. This rather takes the spontaneity away. Is it worth it?


Home made ice cream


I have had an ice cream machine for over 25 years. I have never made the custard that far in advance, just let it cool to room temperature. Apart from rum & raisin when I soak the raisins in rum overnight.

It makes wonderful ice cream and sorbet.

Liz Moulder

Ice Cream Maker

Thanks everyone.

Interestingly Ben & Jerry recipes are "custard" based in that you use eggs, cream and sugar but you don't cook them. Tried one of the chocolate ones and both taste and texture were great. Obviously not suitable for everyone because of the raw eggs


Ice Cream Maker

Which machine did you get, Liz, and would you buy the same again? I have the Cuisinart non-compressor (following advice from this forum) and I am delighted, though don't often use it, tbh. I have perfected a Cherry Garcia which is impossible to get in the UK or EU other than B&J shops...

300ml double cream or Elmlea
200ml sweetened condensed milk
150ml full fat milk
100g granulated sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence
One tin black cherry pie filling
One bar black (plain) cooking choc from fridge

Dissolve sugar in pie filling by warming and place in fridge to cool. Whip cream to soft peak. Add condensed milk and whip again, till soft peak. Add milk and give a good beat so airy and add vanilla.

Pour cold sugar/pie filling into cream and stir so it still looks a bit ripply. Put mix into ice cream maker (for around 20 mins in my Cusinart) until volume is increasing and it starts to look like setting a bit. Meanwhile zap the choc (I break the choc by hand from fridge) in a small processor (the baby ones like a coffee mill) until still quite bitty. Tip into the mix for last five or ten minutes.

Serve directly if you like (this is the 'proper' way to serve 'proper' ice cream) or put into the freezer. An hour will make it a bit firmer probably more like the texture that Brits are accustomed to.

Easy-peasy lemon-squeezey but don't tell your Dr or Personal Trainer!


Ice cream

I make ice cream with the custard method but also make versions with just cream, sugar and fruit or other flavourings.

The instructions which came with my ice cream maker suggest using the "fresh" real custard which are sold in tubs in the chilled area of the supermarket as a safer substitute for home-made egg custard.

Incidentally, when I make egg-based custard I follow Delia's recommendation from the original Cookery Course to use a teaspoon of cornflour beaten into the eggs before adding the milk. It acts as a stabiliser when the custard is heated so it doesn't scramble by accident.

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