Grease proof & baking paper by Sainsbury

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Grease proof & baking paper by Sainsbury

How many of you use this product?
I have just started a new roll, my previous one lasted approx 18 months. I noticed the boxing photograph had changed & just put this down to re packaging. It still states NON STICK.
However this product clearly has a new supplier, this is such an inferior product, I am just about spitting tacks. Have just made a Victoria sponge, this stuff has wrecked it. I removed it as carefully as possible, but the surface and edges are torn, I am livid!! I know it's only a cake.....
What sort of baking paper do you use?



Iuse the Sainsburys one too and yes, the box has changed but the product seems identical. I have an old and a new box open for some reason which I don't normally do, it annoys me!

Maybe you got a rogue one?

Lesley Mitchell

non stick

I only ever use Lakeland paper now. I like you have had a lot of disasters with supermarket supposidly non stick papers. The best one is their baking parchment which you can get in rolls or for lazy cooks like me, ready cut in different sizes an absolute boon.


Grease proof

I got caught recently in a similar way. I bought some Morrison's what I thought to be siliconised baking paper and it was old fashioned greaseproof. OK, one copes, but the new stuff is better. I wonder if there's been a manufacturing problem. I should say that Morrison's were not mis-labelling, rather I was misled.

Noreen, Board Moderator

Baking paper

Suzie - you should look here!

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