Christmas Cake

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Christmas Cake

Hello Delia

When I have made fruit cakes the fruit has been sinking to the bottom of the cake, Delia please can you tell me if there is a way to stop this from happening, and tell me what I am doing wrong,
Thank you so much, Joy Lovell

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Christmas Cake Disaster

Hello Delia,

You may have seen my posting on the forum asking for advice on my disastrous attempt at your Christmas Cake. Replies suggest I cooked it for too long and maybe at the wrong temperature.

Actually, I followed the recipe to the letter and my wife was watching to make sure I didn't mess up. She wanted to take a peek after 2 hours but I pointed to where you say 'Do not open the oven for at least 4 hours'. When we did we were faced with a badly burned cake. Black from top to bottom. My family bought me most of your books. This is the only one that went wrong and I have no idea what went wrong. Hope you can help.

Meryy Christmas,


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