Delia's Online Christmas Chat

On Thursday November 28th between 1 and 2pm, Delia will be answering your Christmas questions in a live online chat. Ask your question here, only one per member and don't forget to join us on the day.


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Noreen, Board Moderator

Delia's Online Christmas Chat

Delia will be joining us on Thursday November 28th for a live online chat. the subject will be all things Christmas, so please add your own new post to ask your question.

Only one question per member, and please keep the subject to Christmas.

Bernadette cheatley

christmas cake

Hi Delia would like to know if I can make a xmas cake without alcohol and it will still taste like xmas cake. Thank you.


Favourite Christmas dish

Hello Delia

I'd love to know what is your all time favourite recipe that you cook over the Christmas period... whether it's a starter, main course or a dessert? I imagine that's a hard question to answer... but I make so many of your recipes that I would love to know what YOU personally enjoy to make and eat.


Dottie May

Christmas Day

Hello Delia, How do you normally spend Christmas Day? At home with family etc when you do all the cooking?


Spanish Christmas Dinner

I'm in Spain until February & need inspiration on what to cook for Christmas Dinner. Can you suggest a menu please?

Audrey Bradford

Christmas panettone recipe


i really want to make my own panattone but I cant find a recipe anywhere. I kmow its not easy but i would like to give it a go

look forward to the webchat


Queen of Puds

Christmas disaster ....

I dread something going wrong on the big day with the food - I guess we've all had a few minor issues over the years,, but have you ever had any food horror stories & how did you solve them?

Gravy Queen 1

Delia's online Christmas chat

Delia, what month do you like to put your sprouts on?


Christmas cake

Hi I use your Christmas cake recipie (the Trinidad one) every year to make 8 Cakes for the firemen over the years friends and family have been added to my list and it seems that this year my list has got too long - so my thought was to keep the original recipie for the firemen and half the recipie and make smaller ones for everyone else. So my question is if I half the ingredients and get a half size tin what do I do with the cooking time and oven temperature?


Chris Bacon

Turkey vs Turkey crowns

I have been tempted to buy a turkey crown because of the reduced cooking time and keeping the breast moist. But I need a large crown because of the number of servings 12+ over two days. Can you give me your advice as to what you would do?
I tend to buy bronze turkeys


Creole Chritmas Cake

I am having a hard time converting this recipe to US measurements.

Like 250g flour is a little less than 2 cups - but how much less?

Eva McQueen

13 and 14 inch Christmas Cakes.

I want to make two Christmas cakes, a 13 and 14 inch cake. Can you please tell me the quantities for both as your recipe for your largest cake is only 11 inch.

Thank you.

Aussie baker

Small version

I'd like to make small versions of both the Creole and Classic Christmas cakes as presents for friends at work - should I make the full size in square shape and cut each into 4 portions (hiding the cut edges by using festive ribbon), or make in smaller tins - if I used 1/4 size tins how would it affect baking times and temperatures?
Both cakes are delicious and this way I get to keep a bit of each for myself too - and maybe try the Italian chocolate nut cake too!
Many thanks - there are some of us still "doing a Delia" after many years of being in Australia.

Gravy Queen 1

Delias online Christmas chat

Delia, when it's time to relax, put your onesie on, and watch a nice film or DVD, what is your Christmas nibble of choice to sit down with ?
For me, it's your sausage rolls, hot from the oven , and Wonderful Life .

sam from worthing

Christmas chat question..

can you recommend an icing recipe that is safe for pregnant and elderly people to eat. Or alternatively, another topping idea for your delicious classic cake recipe.

Thank you xxx


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