Fallen fruit

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Sue G

Fallen fruit

As i am new to having fruit trees, i have a few questions.

1- I have noticed a lot of people in our village, put the fallen fruit around the base of the tree, Why??

2- When is the best time to prune the trees, now the end of October or late winter?
If late winter which month?

3- painting the tree trunk, what is this for, can you use any old paint?

Last question,
we have about 4 cherry trees, last spring/summer they did blossom but produced no fruit. (quite a lot of our neigbours also had no fruit)
any advice on caring for the trees to have fruit this year.

thanks for any advice

sam from worthing

Fruit trees

to paint the bark of a tree serves 2 purposes - 1, to protect from sun especially at the end of spring early summer - they can burn from excessive sun - just like humans and animals 2, it also helps detract crawly bugs away from ripening fruit.

a lot fruit trees suffered this summer and didn't produce much, except for apple and pear trees - they glorified in the years very weird weather, hot one month cold and wet the next - perfect growing material, the more delicate fruits like cherries damsons and plums had a tough time with wind (down here on south coast anyway) simialry to some of the soft fruit berries, had to be real quick to get them, before they went too mushy to use for anything.

i don;t know about the putting of old apples around the base of the tree - really very badly damaged fruits should be put in the compost, as most fruit trees don;t really need "fertiliser" except f the leaves start looking too pale.

and then there is old adage about one year good crop - second year bad crop.

pruning of cherry trees should be done early summer. pruning of apple/pear trees any time now - with nice clean sharp secataurs - upt late march before the tree springs to life.

Sue G

fruit trees

Thank you Sam for all your help,

i did have a look on the net, but i end up getting confused with all the different advice.

will get hubbby to ask french neigbour about putting fruit around the base of the tree. most likly some strange french habit they have.

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