Flying Ants

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sam from worthing

Flying Ants

for the last week we have been plagued by flying ants - happens twice a day.

i always thought, that once you had a swarm that was it (in your own area) but they keep coming and coming - hate having to have the windows shut at the moment - even if it is only for 2 hours when they take flight.

But its so weird and eerie like something from a horror film - and the big buggers bite too.


Flying Ants

Same here Sam. Always a load of nests in the garden which never bother me really, this year a different story !
Although not as you describe, I am covered in bites from the bu**ers !
God do they itch too !!
And the midges ! Kitchen surfaces covered with dead bodies every morning, at least they are then easy to get rid of !
It's all rather weird,maybe a South Coast thing.

Expat Badger

flying ants - and other biting critters

oh that sounds revolting Sam! Always hated flying ants in the UK - used to get them coming up the cracks in the patio - mum used to send us out with a kettle of boiling water.

we are suffering with the mozzies right now - seems to be they are at their peak.

i couldn't work out why my bra strap was bugging me last night so i looked at my back in the mirror - got about 8 bites along my back where my top met the slathering of OFF that i sprayed on....little sods still managed to get me

went out to pick beets the other night and came dashing back to the deck when they all rose up out of the grass at me!! aarggghh!

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