Incredible - Raspberries

We know many of you are keen on gardening, so here's your latest plot: dug over, weed free and ready to sow the seeds of new ideas...


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Incredible - Raspberries

Mine are in flower again !!
Talked about mixed up, the weather is confusing everything in our garden.
Was just about to cut back the lavender when a bee and a butterfly landed on it as I was about to give it a chop......just couldn't do it !



I picked a large bowl of raspberries today - autumn fruiting Polka. Absolutely delish esp after a light drenching in Chambord!



It's why I love gardening ! Unpredictable, drives you mad one minute then delivers a real bonus to make you smile.
No raspberry canes here as not enough room but they are my favourite berry.
Still have foxgloves, roses producing small but gorgeous blooms, Lavetera gone mad and don't have the heart to cut it back while still flowering with abandon.
Could go on but all you gardeners know exactly what I mean.
Enjoy !!

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