Gorgeous geraniums

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Gorgeous geraniums

Not talking the cultured variety - the old types.

Bit of sun ,having been cut back last month and a wonderful show yet again. They certainly do own their keep ! Amazes me every year that such a simple plant will literally give months of pleasure. Hack it, step on it, seperate it, ignore it
- still refuses to do anything but flower until it becomes really cold.

I admire resilience ! Which of your plants make you smile every year ?

violet eyes


If you are talking about border geraniums, then yes they are a lovely plant, good value, there always seem to be one variety flowering. One of my favourite plants is Gaura "whirling butterfies" that puts a smile on my face, but thinking about anything in the garden makes me happy.
We have quite a few trees in our garden and they are starting to change leaf colour now especially the Liquidambar, but I won't be very happy in a few weeks time when they all come tumbling down.
I found some of my Violets were in flower the other day, that's a bit early, must be the warm weather.

Expat Badger


all ours fell off last week VE - it's been really warm so i don't know how they 'know'. V sad to see.

was cold at the beginning of september - maybe that started them off



Expat Badger
I think the trees 'know' because of the shorter daylight hours, as autumn approaches.
They also drop leaves if water stressed.


Liquid Amber

Ours is at the Rich mahogany stage now, but still in full leaf, fabulous tree it changes colour almost every day. I am always sad too Violet Eyes to see the leaves fall.
I am hankering after a Katsura whose leaves change from a verdant green through all the glorious golds, reds etc. but when their leaves fall they smell like burnt toffee....how remarkable is that !!!

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