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Blondie Bill

Lawn Mower...

Just purchased a new electric lawn mower which I am very pleased with but find it frustrating that they do not fit anything to the handles to wrap the cable around when you have finished so leaving it all untidy on the floor. Does anyone know of anything that can be fitted to the mower to wrap the cable around please.


sam from worthing

lawn mowers

I feel your agony, i used to hate that - got a petrol now.

you can either wrap the wire around the top half of your handle then flap the plug around the middle if you know what i mean, or.

buggy hooks work.

go to somewhere like mothercare - whereever locally prams and buggys are sold, they have these hooks that clip clonk onto to the push chair handle for hanging carrier bags etc from.

failing that, do you have an "old fashioned" hardware shop in your area, where the chaps where brown coats, they will have something very similar.

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