I HATE wind !!

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I HATE wind !!

Thought I had cleared the garden to some semblance of order. Feeling quite happy - ish.
The gardeners curse - never feel happy.Never feel even remotely smug. Mother Nature is there to wipe that smile off your face PDQ !

Today vast winds and looking out have no idea why I bothered. Everything tied back, cut back, generally tidied is back to where I started.

Thinking a vast patio could be in order.

Expat Badger

I HATE wind !!

i feel for you - we had yet another storm yesterday - with whopping great hailstones again. Now they really do a lot of damage to your garden (and your car)

my poor pots are flattened!!

Gravy Queen 1

I hate wind

Keep away from jerusalem artichokes then.

sam from worthing


lol, gravy.

living up on the south downs, we are continually being assaulted by high winds, often getting big whirl pools of wind.

my runner beans stood no chance this year, didn;t even get one decent runner. trees don;t survive in my garden (saplings) even with being staked the roots very soon become dislodged, how we have managed to keep a willow is beyond us, he is as wobbly as a 3 year olds tooth but he still gives great pleasure each year - willow is now 4 years old (planted)

fruit trees are a joke too, no sooner does the blossom arrive - the wind comes and blows most of, so little chance of fruit....any blossom that survives and becomes the fruit, as soon as that appears the wind comes back with a vengeance and blows it all off.

I long to live in a house, with a walled garden, and a flat garden.


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