runner beans - querey for next year probably

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sam from worthing

runner beans - querey for next year probably

but am hoping someone can the 5 gardens that around us, we are all growing runner beans.

last years crop was a disaster.

this years are heading the same way.

now why is it, we are the only garden in the 5 that have a massive invasion of black fly, we have hardly any flowers, not many have reached the top of the bean poles yet all our neighbours have reached and are flowering profusuly.

what are we doing wrong, or what companion planting can we do to divert the black fly from the can barely see green stems, and the under side of the leaves are coated in black grot.

we have sprayed the plants, and squirted with washing up liquid diluted, but nothing seems to be detrating - in fact i would say its attracting - and ignoring neighbours plants.

please help me.

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