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Illuminated by a Zillion stars and punctuated only by the hooting of an owl and the faraway bark of a fox, the nightingales were on top form all through the night. There were at least two of them singing to one another, wonderful.

Here is my poem from last year, for those who didn't see it the first time round.


In the still, pitch dark of nightime,
with a star-less, moonless sky
Where not even light pollution
penetrates the overhead abyss
I’m transported to another time
and the sun should shine it seems
An ethereal sound comes to my ears
and invades my silent dreams.
The sound now grows, and wave on wave, beautiful bird songs sail
I’m now awake and listening to
The Wondrous Nightingale.



Lovely song, but no more lovely than many other species. Personally I prefer the song thrush. We have a visiting nightingale in the garden, and the main thing I notice about him (her?) is the volume! Talk about loud.
Like your poem.

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