5 plants- which would you choose?

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5 plants- which would you choose?

last year hubby was able to pick up a few stock plants from the UK for me- the five on my wishlist were:
Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy'
Cotinus 'Grace'
Geranium 'Johnsons blue'
Geranium psilostemon
Anemone japonica 'honerine jobert'

if (like me) you didn't have a garden centre nearby and wanted to choose 5 plants that you couldn't live without- what would they be?!


5 Plants

Impossible !!

If pushed would have to have

Rosa Gertrude Jeykll. Attacks me whenever I approach but looking at it now covering the arch I can forgive it anything !

Lavender - Munstead or Hidcote.


Geranium Johnsons Blue

Lily Regale


5 top plants

haha- i know Sandra- thats why i thought it would be interesting!


top 5

Peony Beaute

Clematis Josepine,
Clematis shin-shigyoku
Clematis Princess Diana
Clematis Polish Spirit

Love all clematis over 20 in the garden.


top 5 plants

oh yes- love clems aswell- haven't tried them here yet- i've got a blue one (can't remember the variety- must go and have a look!) in a pot waiting for me to decide where to plant it!


top 5 plants

meant to say also Foxy- bet your garden's a picture with all those!

violet eyes

5 plants

That's very hard, but I would have to pick perfumed plants ever time. My garden is more of a cottage garden style, full of many old fashioned plants. So my choice would be..
perfumed roses and most of mine are,

summer flowering jasmine the common white one plus I also have a yellow one too which is very perfumed

a pink called Doris, took lots of cuttings last year, hope they do well this year

nicotiana especially the "sensation mix", years ago when I first moved here I had to fill the garden quickly so sowed these seeds and by mid summer my garden was full of them. In the evening the smell was as they say "to die for" the perfume of these flowers could be smelt in the house

and of course sweetpeas, sweet williams, lavender, the list is endless

and not forgetting philadelphus, I have 3 in my garden, they remind me of my Grandma who had a large one by her back door which bring back happy memories of summer evenings round her place.

I also like trees.

Biggles !

5 plants

Tricky but my first will always be Myrtle (myrtus communus) evergreen, perfumed and the flowers are just amazing.

Love the pink, Doris; it grows tall here and was severely bashed down by the rain yesterday. I grow that for my Mum.

Borage because the flowers are so pretty

Lastly would be perfumed roses or a rose and a philly, saw one yesterday in a garden centre and the bloom was larger than I've seen before. OH tore me away before I could pick it up; no room to plant at the moment :0(


5 plants

Much too difficult to be limited to five but my list would include roses (must be scented), fuchsias, lupins, geraniums and sweet peas. I know lots of folks like foxgloves and I do too, but they seed so profusely I'm forever pulling them up or they'd take over like triffids. Poisonous, too. Oh yes, I love peonies, snowdrops, tulips, begonias, lilies - - -


top 5 plants

quite interesting! nice choices :-)
it is impossible to limit it tho'!
i wonder what i will put on my next wish list- there's always room for a few more! i think i'd like some eremurus- i've always admired those fabby tall foxtail lilies! xx

Dottie May

Top 5 Plants

Very difficult -
A Rose
A Clematis
Mock Orange
but I could go on!! and on!!


Top 5...ish

Stargazer Lilies,
Angel's Trumpets(datura)
Night scented stock,
Sweet Peas,
and Roses, especially Zephrine Drouhin .......for my garden.......delicious.

oops that six !! never mind the sweet peas self seeded from last year !!

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