currants vs apples + plums

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currants vs apples + plums

Our current bushes are laden but the apples and plums are exceptionally poor. Has anyone else found this and any idea why?


Apples / Plums

Lack of bees maybe ?

Biggles !

Pollination ? Weather ?

Morning, I know we are just a little way apart but our currants and blueberries are going to be quite good this year, if we can crop before the birds...

Our mirabelle (small yellow plum/gauge) did exceptionally well last year but will not deliver anything that I can see so far this year. Bramley, Cox's Orange and a greengauge (along with a 100 or so peach trees) are looking very productive at the moment, fingers crossed.

Going cherry picking this afternoon if the rain holds off. Can anybody remember picking cherries so early in the year? The winter has been long here which is unusual and the fruits have ripened quickly. Still small and green on the cherry tree I did find up in the chicken area in our field!!

Sandra could be right about the lack of bees, it is becoming an enormous problem in the UK (mistress of the understatement, as ever). We still have an enormous number and variety of bees, hoverflies, butterflies etc. that work hard on our behalf.

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