whats growing this year 2010?

We know many of you are keen on gardening, so here's your latest plot: dug over, weed free and ready to sow the seeds of new ideas...


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sam from worthing

whats growing this year 2010?

other than our growing raging tempers at our stupid weather, that is.

in my garden, I have peas, runner beans, carrots, courgette, toms (3 varities) chillies, peppers, rhubarb (blinking monster of a beast he is),garlic, rooster potatoes, and first time ever BNS, and our plum and apple trees and strawberry's. most are looking fit and well, except my runners, which i think have been weather battered, as they have turned a very pale green colour - am hoping some proper rain and sunshine will spur them along a bit more - other wise will have to see if the garden centre still has the bean seeds for sale. also first time in many years of not growing any onions, i figured they took so much space that i can devote to something else and really onions aren;t very expensive - and home grown really do have "strong effect" hehehehehehe.

have also successfully cultivated marigolds from seeds - never worked before whooop whoop ams o chuffed with that - just waiting for it to get warmer for someone to plant up for me.

so what plans have others got for this year?

love sammy

ps, all the above are more than seedlings and are planted int he garden soil or pots/containers already.

Julie Sutton

in my garden

Not going to list my flower garden contents just my veg plot. I always say each year that I wont grow so much but....!
I am growing
redcurrants/blackcurrants/whitecurrants,Strawberries,Raspberries,Gooseberries,Rhubarb,Sweetcorn and Babycorn,Lettuce, Rocket, Spinach, Asparagus,Butternut Squash, Pumpkins,Potatoes (new and maincrop),Brussel sprouts, cabbage, Kale,Spring onions, onions, red onions,swede,parsnips,carrots,french beans,mange tout,main crop peas, runner beans,garlic,sweet peppers,chili peppers,tomatoes (several types),comfrey,mint,coriander,sweetbasil,parsley,chives,tarragon,sage,rosemary...
Phew!..I love my veg patch..when things get too much for me (quite often) a bit of time out there is one of the best pickmeups that there is. The veg tastes good as well!

Expat Badger

whats growing

well that makes our little patch sound very inferior!

spinach, carrots, peas, spring onions and beets. going to the garden centre tonight to get some spuds and herbs

astors and daisies in the spare room germinating away...all starts a bit late here due to the weather.

will get some tomatoes going in june when we shouldn't have any frost at all

first ever time we have had a garden so should be interesting!


What's growing

You are all veritable industries !

Gave up growing fruit and veg. once we moved here, not enough space and to be honest not economic as wonderful PYO everywhere !

Do still have the usual herbs and always a tub of Cambridge Favourites !

Sue G

whats growing

Well i had big plans, for once i had everything written down what to buy, where to put everything.

Then we decided to separate the garden into two, one side for the dogs & the other for the children. Then promised the children a swimming pool.
Dogs have the side of the garden that take most of the sun, they also dig up whatever is planted.

Next plan to put everything into large containers, until i saw the price of them.

So now i have a few plant pots growing cherry toms and some window boxes with chillies, so i can move them around.
As much as i would like to grow my own, start up cost for me wouldn't be cheap, so will stick to the markets this year, or just keep smiling at my neigbour, he gave us quite a lot last year, in exchange for wine, not sure who got the best deal though.

Good luck everyone

Biggles !

growing this year

the Bramley apples, Cox's Orange pippin are coming along well as is the new greengage. Found a cherry tree we didn't know we had in the chicken area so that will be intersting for us to see what type of cherries they are.

The aubergines, courgettes and artichokes suffered from last night's cold spell and we have probably lost them. Lettuce, tomatoes are not planted out yet, just as well. Runner beans are slow to germinate. Tatties will be planted thes weekend. We are still enjoying the asparagus which has established well. BNS will be planted with melons so the melons have protection from the sun, assuming we will see some sun this year!

Soft fruits, blueberries, raspberries, red and blackcurrants are looking great as are the strawbs. The French strawbs didn't do too well over the winter but our English 'Cambridge' are doing very well. The kiwi is looking healthy but I'm not too sure what I'm looking for. The rhubarb is fantastic; enjoyed a lovley crumble last night.

Herbs: sorrel, tarragon, various thymes, marjoram, lemon balm, rosemary and sage plus various mints. We have a wild apple mint that is a thug and is growing everywhere but it does make cutting the grass the a pleasant experience. We planted 3 fennel last year, one died but the remaining 2 grew very well and were hosting a large number of the Europoean swallowtail caterpillars. This year I'm looking for homes for additional fennel plants; not too difficult :0)

We have seedlings for caulis, brocolli and sprouts which are being nurtured. Oh and the grape vines are playing at being shrinking violets because of the cold winds we have been having, but they are slowly unfolding their leaves now.

I'm back to the grass cutting now.... but we do have some beautiful weeds that are food for the bees and butterflies (I do keep large areas uncut so the wildlife benefits.


in my garden

Hi Julie (Jools?)
Good to see you posting again. I think I saw posts from you a long time ago, when I was just 'visiting' the site! You have lots of recipes (including veggie. ones) on your profile - it's good to be able to get to see them again. I've bookmarked the link for future reference!

I've also looked at your blog from time to time and it's good to see you recently posted something there as well.

I look forward to having a vegie patch again when we move to our 4 acre block - hopefully next year. At present we're on a suburban block that is steep, shaded and has lousy soil!! A few cherry tomato plants in tubs is all we can manage, so I'm jealous of the long lists of vegies that a lot of you are growing!!!


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