A Poem to Cheer you..

We know many of you are keen on gardening, so here's your latest plot: dug over, weed free and ready to sow the seeds of new ideas...


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A Poem to Cheer you..

I posted this on the old website and have just unearthed it while looking through some old files...
thought it might brighten your day.

A Poem To Cheer You

Global Warming ? Summer Drought ?
I think there's some confusion,
The spring bulbs seem to like it
They’re flowering in profusion

Daffodils and Hyacinths,
and Crocuses galore
Despite the rain and wind and snow
They’re flowering once more

Up they come, year after year,
wether it be good or bad,
To soothe away our Winter Blues
And get rid of our SAD

"Look out" they say
"Springs on it’s way, and it will get much warmer"

And then we'll smile, for we’ll realise
That Summer’s round the corner.

Feb 2008, Yummy


A Poem to Cheer you..

Lovely Yummy...x

Essex Girl


Yes, it is a very cheering poem Yummy!


A Poem to Cheer you..

More! More!

I wondered for a while whether there should be a thread of food based poems, but I could only think of a risqu&"233; one.


A Poem to Cheer you..

A lovely, cheery poem, Honey. Reminds me of Spring in the UK.
We're in Autumn right now, but with sunny days of 24 to 26C I'm not complaining (yet!!)


Chazza's poem too.

"More! More!
poems, but I could only think of a risqu&"233; one."
Let's hear it, Chazza!
Thanks too to Yummy for hers.

Karen`s Kitchen

Nice poem

That`s a good poem Yummy, thanks for posting it.

Wasn`t our resident poet writer Anastasia? I don`t think I`ve seen her here in a while.


Still here !!!!!!!!

Glad to say I am still around , I look in most days.
Will put a food poem up tomorrow !!


A Poem to Cheer you..

Caviare comes from the virgin sturgeon
Virgin sturgeon's a very fine fish
Virgin sturgeon needs no urgin'
That's why caviare's a very rare dish!

It's the start of an old rugby song, I couldn't print the rest ...

Gravy Queen 1


E mail it to me then Chaz ;-)


For Gravy Queen

"E mail it to me then Chaz ;-)"

There was no email on your profile GQ and (as usual) I was easily distracted.

There are loads of Sturgeon versions online from the mild to exex but here's a YouTube performance that captures the spirit. I like the new topical verse that starts 'I gave caviare to the vicar'.


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