Kiwi fruit trees

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Pat B

Kiwi fruit trees

I live on the Costa Blanca and want to grow kiwis. There are plenty of vines in the garden centres but finding out any information on growning conditions is very difficult. Anybody know about them

Biggles !


they grow well in mid-France. Friends have a neighbour's tree that overhangs ther garden and we all enjoy the fruits. We planted a young tree (7 inches high) last year, year before. Does not like a hard frost but has put on some good growth. You should be fine.

Watch out for self fertilising plants, much easier than using a fine paint brush :0)



grow well here too (portugal)- i've been told you need to plant one male plant to 5 females (thats what the locals say- thats assuming you can't get self-pollinating ones like Biggs said)
(1 male to 5 females- wow can't imagine if that would be a good thing or a bad thing!!! ;-) )


Kiwi Plants

They grow well here further north too. There is a large farm here in Brittany and one that I know of further east, close to Chateaubriant.
I have two plants one male and one female which I planted two years ago, no fruits yet though.

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