Holly Berries

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Dottie May

Holly Berries

A friend of mine has a beautiful holly tree with smooth leaves and until this Monday it was absolutely plastered in berries. There's not one berry on it now and she said blackbirds stripped it in one day. I also have a Mountain Ash tree which had loads of berries on it but they've also all disappeared. They do say this is a sign of a harsh Winter ahead. Brrrrr!! Good job our heating oil was delivered over the weekend.

sam from worthing

holly berries

i have 2 holly bushes - which i hate...am not a fan of holly at all.

and both had billions of berries one was white and one was red - like yours, totally stripped bear.

I also have another plant in the back garden that produces red berries, no idea what it is at the moment (new garden + ancient planting) just a couple of weeks ago was abundant in little red berries - not a berry to be seen.

Like you say, i remember that saying about birds + berries = harsh cold winter.

got a huge fat ball bucket the other day 100 balls for 9.99, and a big bag of seed for my little feathered friends.

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