Gluten free

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Gluten free

The latest BLueberry and Muffin cake recipe says "can be made gluten free" but there is no conversion information about what flour to use. if it is ready bought GF it may need extra liquid, if it is ones own combination of flours e.g rice nad cornflour it may need Xanathan gum so it is not much use without this info - can we have it please

Lindsey, Food Editor

For Jomary

Hello Jomary,

We tested all the recipes with straight swaps for anything containing gluten, without adjusting any quantities.

So for the Blueberry Muffin Cake we use Gluten Free plain flour (we used Doves Farm) and GF Baking Powder.

We didn’t use Xanthan Gum but if I was going to try it I would start with a slightly rounded teaspoon.

Best wishes


Gravy Queen 1

Gluten free

Most cakes in general behave well gluten free, and I just use ordinary recipes replacing the flour and baking powder with gf products . Other adjustments such as extra liquid , or xanthan gum , can depend on the recipe and not all need these . It is trial and error , a bit of patience and experimentation will be needed :-) . In my experience , I have found that Doves Farm flour is good and also Asdas own gf flour . I will add xanthan gum if needed to give extra stability and avoid crumbling , usually no more than a teaspoon , as Lindsey has advised . Any more than that and you can end up with a rubbery effect !

Good luck with your gf baking ! I have made quite a few now from Delias Cakes book with great success .

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