Why does my chocolate icing split?

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Why does my chocolate icing split?

My wife has been making Delia's chocolate beer cake. Each time she makes the chocolate icing using spreadable butter and icing sugar and melted chipocolate the topping splits and oozes out liquid oil. Should she use ordinary block butter instead? Anyone had this experience?

Lindsey, Food Editor

For Adeebee

Hello Adeebee,

By all means try it with block butter if you like. We didn’t have problems with it splitting when it was tested with spreadable butter but the original recipe would have used block butter.

I think that the splitting is caused by chocolate being overheated as it melts. The melted chocolate should be just warm then the spreadable butter should be fridge cold so it will start to cool further then it needs to left a little while before beating in the icing sugar. At this stage the icing should be a spreadable consistency, if its not leave it to cool a while longer and whisk again.

Best wishes


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