Squidgy chocolate log

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Sponge Sister

Squidgy chocolate log

Hi, this chocolate log is a perfect gluten free recipe, but can it be made without the cocoa powder? If so what flavours could I do?
Thanks Zoe

Lindsey, Food Editor

For Zoe

Hello Zoe,

I haven’t tried it but I can’t see why not as it’s only 50g of cocoa. Good idea I think, perhaps with vanilla, lemon zest or espresso powder!

I’m in the middle of filming term 5 of the cookery school at the moment but I look forward to trying it myself over the summer one day.

Best wishes


Queen of Puds

Choc log ...

Never thought of doing that. What were you thinking of replacing the cocoa with? Cornflour or some other kind of stabiliser? I have a friend with a coeliac son & it's nice to get ideas for when they visit....

Gravy Queen 1

Squidgy chocolate log

I am assuming you just don't want a chocolate flavour , in which case I would just experiment with other flavours . Many recipes don't use gluten when there is no flour , it's naturally gluten free if you like .

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