Help - tart centre not cooked.

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Help - tart centre not cooked.

Help - My chocolate fondant tart centre is not cooking. I have followed the recipe faithfully but still end up with the centre uncooked, even allowing extra time.

Lindsey, Food Editor

For abzexile

Hello abzexile,

I don’t know this recipe but if you have made it before and it hasn’t set as it should perhaps it needs another egg yolk?

Or is it still warm? Perhaps it will firm up once chilled?

Best wishes



Help - tart centre not cooked

Hi Lindsey,
Filling is: -
• 100g/3&"189;oz butter
• 150g/5&"189;oz plain chocolate, finely chopped, preferably with a high percentage of cocoa solids
• 150g/5&"
189;oz golden caster sugar
• 75g/3oz plain flour
• 6 medium free-range eggs
Recipe says bake for -12 minutes at 200deg C. I have baked for +15 minutes to no avail. The outside of the filling then tends to crack.



Are you putting the tart on a pre-heated metal sheet when you put it in the oven?

Queen of Puds

Chocolate tart

Is it a fan oven? Have you ever had a success with this recipe? (If not, I'd try another recipe). Is the pastry case pre baked? I would probably try 2 things;

First try cooking it at a lower temp but for longer - 180 probably, until it had a slight wobble in the centre (I would look at a recipe for lemon tart & follow that recipe for the bake time) & then take it out to finish cooking from residual heat.


If that also failed I would try to bring the overall temp of the filling up, before baking - i.e. I would microwave the filling in a jug on high for a minute or 2 but in 20 second bursts, & whisking in between. You will hopefully see the filling start to come together & thicken (a bit like making a custard in the microwave - just make sure you whisk well in between). Then you can try either pouring it into the tart case & put it in the oven & it shouldn't take long at all - or you may be able to get away with not baking it because the microwave will have cooked the chocolatey custard sufficiently.

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