Reheating chilli

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Reheating chilli

I made two big pots of chilli yesterday and put straight into the fridge once cooked - is that correct? I wasn't sure about putting hot food in a cold fridge.

My question is should I bring the chilli up to room temperature before reheating and if so, for long long? Also can I reheat in the oven rather than the hob?

Many thanks

Lindsey, Food Editor

For Amanda

Hello Amanda,

Putting hot food into the fridge doesn’t harm the to hot food itself but it does raise the temperature of the fridge which is not so good for anything else being stored in there as the raised temperature promotes bacterial growth.

At home we don’t have the luxury of commercial blast chillers to help cool things quickly but sometimes if I need to I speed things up I put hot food into a bowl sitting inside another bowl with ice and water. Then stir it now and then and ass more ice to the water if needed.

It’s better to heat the chilli from cold. It will work perfectly well in the oven in a covered casserole if you like. It depends on the quantity but probably 30 minutes at 180C then if its not bubbling hot you could give it a blast on the hob of you need to.

Best wishes


sam from worthing


Oh thanks for that tip Lyndsey.

I have never put hot stuff in the fridge and always wondered about instructions to "cool things quickly".

I have always in the past let things get cold naturally on the kitchen top - by either transferring to a differnt pan/container then putting in the fridge once cold, then freezing..

Excellent advice - just be wary about what else is in fridge.

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