Braised meatballs in Goulash sauce

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Braised meatballs in Goulash sauce

Good evening,

I shall be cooking, hopefully soon, and I can’t get Seasoned Pioneers Hot Paprika or Hungarian hot paprika as mentioned in Delia’s Winter Collection and the Waitrose Recipe Collection is for 3-4 people? Waitrose have only Bart’s hot paprika, sweet paprika, smoked paprika and their own organic brand, which doesn’t say hot or mild. Also as I am having only 3 for dinner – would pack of 12 Waitrose Aberdeen Angus Beef meatballs be enough – they are small meat balls. Two guests are hearty eaters! If I get two packs would I have to up the ingredients?

I would appreciate your advise please.

Thank you.

With kind regards.

Lindsey, Food Editor

For Easter

Hello Easter,

I think the Hot Paprika will be the closest. The recipe is quite rich but if you want to do bigger portions I would either do double the recipe and if that’s too much freeze it or do 1 1 / 2 x the recipe.

Either way keep in mind that the paprika quantity is adjustable depending on how hot you like it. The recipe as it stands is quite hot.

Best wishes


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