Iced Lemon Curd Layer Cake

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Iced Lemon Curd Layer Cake

Hi Lindsey. I have made Delia's Coffee & Walnut Cake with coffee flavoured mascarpone filling and the Classic Sponge with Mascarpone and Passion Fruit filling - sooooo good.

I would like to recreate the mascarpone filling in the lemon cake. Can you suggest how much lemon curd would be appropriate to get a balance of lemon flavour for a filling in this cake instead of pure lemon curd. Thank you.

Lindsey, Food Editor

For Eileen

Hello Eileen,

I think I would try one third lemon curd to two thirds mascarpone. To check the taste and consistency I would make up three tablespoons of the mixture first.

Best wishes


Gravy Queen 1

Iced Lemon curd layer cake

I did this cake and just used whipped cream with lemon curd , basically just added it till I was happy !

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