How long can you keep fresh yeast

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How long can you keep fresh yeast

I like baking with fresh yeast even though I appreciate that dried yeast is more convinent.

My question is about how long to store and how long can you keep fresh yeast.

I've been Googling and getting conflicting answers: it will store for up to three months in the fridge - it will keep fresh for about four weeks in the fridge.

You can keep it for a year in the freezer - you can keep it for six months in the freezer. (In each case assuming it has been broken down into individual packages - for me that would be 10 grams)

What would Delia Online advice be?

As always many thanks for advice offered


Lindsey, Food Editor

For kah22

Hello Kevin,

As you know we are huge fans of easy bake yeast and it’s been a while since we used fresh.

In Cookery Course (which was published some time ago) Delia said fresh yeast can be wrapped in portions and stored in a deep freezer for 3 months or in the refrigerator for 3 days. However it depends on how fresh the yeast is when you buy it so check the best before date when you purchase.

I would freeze everything that I’m not using within a few days, on the day of purchase and use it within 3 months.

I hope that helps.

Best wishes


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