Lemon curd

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Lemon curd

I have recently made some lemon curd using a mocrowave recipe that I have used successfully many times. This time I found little bits of egg white in the mixture. What did I do wrong if anything?

Lindsey, Food Editor

For Mink

Hello Mink,

I think that perhaps your eggs were not beaten enough before you added them and perhaps they needed to be mixed in more thoroughly when you added them to the lemon, butter and sugar mixture.

Kind regards


Queen of Puds

Microwave lemon curd

I use this method for my lemon curd, & I have occasionally found that I get white bits - usually when I've been busy doing other things & I haven't whisked frequently enough before or during the cooking, or perhaps I've not managed to remove the snotty, lumpy, bits of egg white beforehand (I fish them out by hand before I cook it). I have sieved the eggs into the lemon juice & sugar when I can be bothered & if I remember - & it doesn't happen then. Or you can always sieve the cooked curd before it cools (if you spot white bits) next time?


Lemon Curd

The recipe I follow does say to sieve the eggs. This is a recipe that belonged to Bramble, a Deliaite, and I know she would be delighted to know that we're still sharing her recipe even though she's no longer with us.

She says it's sharp, but to be honest, I don't think it's too sharp at all and is how lemon curd should be. It's the best lemon curd I've ever tasted. One of our favouite quick puds is to mix it with Greek yoghurt and serve with raspberries (crushed with a bit of sugar to get the juices running). I need to make some more curd now!!


Is so sharp it makes your teeth curl - absolutely yummy!
This is a sharp one, you can put more sugar in if you like it sweeter. It is lovely with ice cream, sponge sandwich or straight out of the jar with a spoon!


7 or 8 lemons = 12 fld oz juice
8 oz butter
16 oz sugar
8 eggs (if you have any egg yolks spare put them in and reduce the number of whole eggs 2 yolks = 1 egg)

*** put 6/7 small glass jam jars & lids in a warm oven ***

1. In a big glass bowl stir the sugar into the lemon juice.

2. Cut the butter into chunks and stir it in.

3. Sieve the eggs into the mix, stirring through the sieve with a plastic spoon.

4. Discard the yukky bits of egg.

5. Microwave for one minute, stir, and keep doing this a minute at a time. The curd will start to set around the edges of the bowl, keep doing one-minute bursts until the curd has thickened and looks a bit glossy.

6. Ladle into the warm jars and put lids on. It will not look very set, but when cold it will be a lot firmer.

Keeps in the fridge.



Thank you to everyoned who replied to my query for successful Lemon Curd recipe. I will try seiving next time.

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