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I would like to do this ahead of time as much as possible.

Does anyone know if I could cook the sponge the day before, or does that cause problems with rolling it up??


Lindsey, Food Editor

For Lynne1960

Hello Lynne1960,

It’s fine to make the sponge the day before. Leave it in the tin and when its completely cold cover it with a sheet of baking parchment and then put the whole thing in a large polythene bag or wrap it in clingfilm.

If you want to make the mousse earlier on the day don’t refrigerate it or it will be too hard to spread.

I have filled them in advance but I find the cream tends to dry out. When I do this recipe now I stack it as in this squidgy chocolate cake rather than roll it, which is much easier.

But if you prefer the rolled version it will still roll the day after as long as its not overcooked.

I would assemble the cake a couple of hours ahead and refrigerate it.

Best wishes


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