Which is which? Tart or Flan?

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Which is which? Tart or Flan?

Hi, I've just made and eaten Delia's Asparagus and Cheese tart. Wow, it was absolutely delicious. My question is:-
When is pie a quiche, a tart or a flan? I've decided that a pie uses double crusted pastry, but what's the difference between the other three? My supper companion said 'that flan was lovely'. Didn't want to say 'Actually it's a tart' - but was it? Or was it a quiche :-))

Lindsey, Food Editor

For Zebra

Hello Zebra,

I’m sure there are many answers to this question.

As far as I know a tart is a pastry base with a sweet or savoury filling. A quiche comes from the classic Quiche Lorraine. A flan (as I understand it!) is a custard filled pastry case, or a set custard or a fruit filled pastry case.

However I think the term tart, flan or quiche has frequently been interchanged by chefs, cooks and recipe authors and often the term that makes the most appropriate sounding title is used.

So you are probably both right.

Best wishes


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