Hot Cross Buns

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Hot Cross Buns

Good Friday will son be upon us and it's time for the traditional Hot Cross Bun.

Delia's recipe is very clear. One question though. If I want to subsitute the 1 level tablespoon dried yeast for live bakers yeast how many grams would I use?

Purely as a matter of interest how many grams (on average) are in each of the 12 buns?

Lindsey, Food Editor

Hor Cross Buns


A Delia tablespoon of dried yeast is approximately 15g, which is equivalent to 50g of fresh.

That’s 1.25g of dried or 4.16g of fresh yeast per bun!

The last batch of 12 that I made I used 14g of Easy Bake yeast.

Best wishes


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