Lid on/lid off?

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Hugh Wynn

Lid on/lid off?

I am a retired male, quite enjoying
the, to me, challenging world of cookery.
Our current roasting pan needs replacing, it is oval, lidded, and enamelled (I am attracted to stainless steel). Researching, I note that Online chefs/cooks invariably use open pans for meat,
don't these pans lead to splashing and consequently, more oven cleaning? I would have thought that the meat would have been very dry,
surely moister and more succulent in a lidded pan.
I should be most interested to hear your thoughts, and any pros and cons, before I commit myself to a purchase.

Lindsey, Food Editor

For Hugh

Hello Hugh,

We tend to use a large, solid roasting tin for roasting dishes like these ….

And we use a lidded casserole for braised dishes and pot-roasting like these….

I’ve always called the (mostly oval) roasting tins with a lid a roaster or a self-basting roaster, or cocotte when made of cast-iron.

Apart from the pot-roast recipes we don’t have any recipes here specifically for roasting in a roaster. I suppose it would be ideal to have both but if that’s not possible I would for myself choose a large one with a base that’s not very deep so that it can be used with or without the lid.

I hope that helps.

Best wishes


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