Madeira Cake

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Olivia Wilton

Madeira Cake

Hi my name's Olivia and I'm 13 yrs old, I have just passed my diploma in sugar paste and sugar flowers. I've been making cakes for the last 18mths and have tried the all-in-one method using butter. Do you recommend the all-in-one method or the creaming method for the best celebration cakes? I've also used Lurpak spreadable as advised by Delia in the Daily Mail supplement, but I'm getting a little confused and would like your advice.

When making Victoria Sponges I have used Stork, which makes a very light cake; can I use a Victoria Sponge mix for single tier celebration cakes? Again is this better with butter or margarine?
I'd really appreciate your advice, thank you
Olivia :)

Lindsey, Food Editor

For Olivia

Hello Olivia,

Welcome to Deliaonline and congratulations on your diploma. Sounds like you are doing really well in sugarcraft.

I think every experience cook, chef or home baker will have their own preference as to the fats and method they use in cake making.

We use spreadable butter for the all-in-one method because it has the buttery flavour that we like, can be used from the fridge and the oil in it makes the cake moist. You can do the same all-in-one method using butter that is very soft but you have to plan ahead and even then it can still be too firm to use. Some will pop the butter in the microwave to soften it but the nuked results can be disappointing.

It’s fine to use Stork instead of butter if you prefer.

We do always use block butter when we are using the creaming method but in the new cake book we only used this method for the Cherry Cake.

In Delia’s recipes for Victoria Sponge or a Madeira cake we would use spreadable butter and the all-in-one method. You can use either of these cakes for a celebration cake if you like. Many choose Madeira when it’s being stacked because it is denser.

Unless you are experimenting, it’s a good idea, whatever recipe you choose to use the ingredients and method given in that particular recipe.

Our online cookery school includes cakes and as part of that we have a Video Technique about choosing fats for cakes, which you might like to watch.

Good luck with cake baking.

Best wishes


Olivia Wilton

Thank You

Thank you so much for replying. It has been very helpful and I will take it all on board.

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