zabaglione filling

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zabaglione filling

Hi Lindsey. I asked this previously but it was lost in communication. Can I use the dessert in Book 3 as a filling for Delia's Zabaglione Cake as it has less Marsala and uses cornflour instead of flour? Thank you. Eileen

Lindsey, Food Editor

For Eileen

Hello Eileen,

I haven’t tried it but I think the consistency will be wrong.

If you want to use less Marsala and substitute cornflour I would try the following ingredients made as it is in the cake book. You need it to be the consistency of a thick sauce before you cool it and add it to the whipped double cream.

3 large yolks
75g castor sugar
30g cornflour
100ml Marsala (dry is nice but harder to find)
150ml milk

Best wishes


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