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Dusty Jim


Also forgot to ask. I want to try making the suntina marmalade but can't locate suntina oranges anywhere. Where do you think is the best place to get them. Have tried all the grocers in my area . Thank you for any advise :))

Lindsey, Food Editor

For Dusty Jim

Hello Dusty Jim,

I didn’t see any Suntina oranges about this year but I think they when they are available they finish in February.

Seville oranges really are the best for marmalade. Other oranges are too sweet unless you add other ingredients such as lemon, grapefruit or ginger.

Thinking ahead, what you can do next year is buy oranges to make your marmalade and buy some to freeze and make more later when you have time.

In the meantime Delia has this recipe for Lemon and Lime Marmalade, which can be made all year round.

And here are a few others from the Deliaonline Community recipe collection.

Best wishes


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