Frozen Vegetables ?

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Frozen Vegetables ?

I read that Frozen Veg have a much higher level of nutrients I stocked up..... Last night I cooked frozen Brussels per instructions .
Boiling water...straight in frozen...for 6 minutes. I had to drain them after 3 mins because they were very soft!
Since then, I have found out that most, if not all, frozen veg are par boiled.
I remember reading somewhere that the best way to cook frozen Brussels Sprouts is to saute them in butter in a frying pan...Am I right?...If so do I defrost them first ?
If I am right, would the same method work for other frozen veg ?.

Lindsey, Food Editor

For Libby

Hello Libby,

My experience of cooking frozen vegetables if quite limited. I only have petit pois and oven chips in my freezer and sometimes mash.

As I understand it, frozen vegetables are harvested at peek condition and frozen very quickly under controlled conditions so I expect as much as possible of their nutritional value is preserved but some will be partially lost during the process of blanching.

As fresh vegetables loose some nutritional value during storage I expect that is little difference overall between fresh and frozen.

Certainly frozen vegetables are convenient in many ways and if fresh is your preference it’s always best to just buy what you need so that it can be eaten as fresh as possible.

As Nutritional value can be reduced or destroyed on cooking I would say that if you choose frozen vegetables, steaming, microwaving or quick stir-frying / sauteing from frozen would be preferable.

Best wishes


Noreen, Board Moderator

Frozen vegetables

I do use frozen veg, usually loose mixed vegetables. They only need about 2-3 minutes if you boil, but I mainly steam them because you don't have the boiling water cooling down when you add the frozen veg, then having to wait for it to heat up again.

The cooking times are always too long for me.


Frozen Vegetables ?...Libby

Thanks for posting a reply...recommended cooking times do seem to be way too long! I think I will have to experiment a little, but thanks anyway!

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