Delia's Easter Simnel Cake

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Delia's Easter Simnel Cake

I plan to make this for my aunt who is in a nursing home but (similar to the Christmas cake query) I want to make in an oblong shape as it is easier to cut and share. Would this recipe fit the 20 x 26cm tin or would I need to adjust.

I have spoken to the very helpful Jill Fade at Meadowsweet Flowers and the 12 apostles are on their way! Thank you for that link.

Lindsey, Food Editor

For Eileen

Hello Eileen,

I estimate the cake capacity of the oblong tin is about 20% less than the 20cm round tin. I don’t think it’s enough of a difference to reduce it to a 2 egg mixture.

The recipe as it is may fit nicely into the oblong tin or you may have a bit left over. Perhaps if you do have a little too much it could be baked in the loaf tin to about the same depth of the oblong tin.

Best wishes


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