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I am getting married next year and I am making my wedding cake. I did go to college and do sugar craft but this was many years ago.
I usually use Delias very old celebration cake recipe for a 7'' cake. I want to also do the same cake but for a 10'' as well. How much extra mixture would i need and whats the extra cooking time for this ?
I was going to make the cakes 5 months in advance is this ok?

Lindsey, Food Editor

For Jaxx

Hello Jaxx,


Based on this chart, for a 10 inch round cake you are going to need either a 6 or 7 egg recipe. I think either will work but as it’s a very important occasion, if it was for myself I would do a 7 egg cake and if needed trim it down rather than a 6 egg recipe where it could be a little shallow.

Well wrapped it will keep well for more that 5 months. An occasional feed with brandy will help.

For the cooking time start checking from 4 hours. I assume you are using gas or conventional heat. (If you use a fan oven the temperature would need to be reduced).

Best wishes


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