Roast Pork with crackling recipe

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Roast Pork with crackling recipe

Dear Delia

As an introduction, I would like to say that I am an avid fan of yours and have been for nearly 40 yrs. I started to watch your cookery programmes from the age of 9 and have a very large collection of practically all of your books.

We watch your programmes and browse your cookery books all the time and in our house, your word on cooking is gospel.

Needless to say I cook successfully using your recipes alot but today I am writing regarding the ‘Roast Pork and Crackling’ recipe.

We had a family dinner yesterday and my Husband bought a beautiful organic piece of loin which weighed 3.53 kilos. It had been chined, scored and tied.

Your recipe states to cook the pork at 240 degrees C for 25 mins ( for a 2.5 kilo piece ) then to turn the oven down to 190 degrees C and to cook for 35mins per pound.

As our piece was larger, my initial roasting was for 35 mins then I calculated that the meat would take an additional 4 1 /2 hrs at the lower temperature.

After 3 1 /2 hrs cooking,( 35 mins initial + 3 hrs ) and which was 2 hours before our dinner, my Husband and I thought we would check the meat with a thermometer as the meat looked quite charred on the edges. We found that the meat at this stage had been totally overcooked ( it was 97 degrees C when we would have liked it to be around 75 degrees C ) despite having 1 &"189; hrs cooking time still remaining.

So, having followed the correct temperature and timings, our dinner had been ruined and as a perfectionist I was totally saddened.

May I also add that I have an oven temperature gadget that checks the temperature of the oven. Of course as a keen cook I know my oven very well but I so wanted to do justice to the cooking of the meat and to get the cooking of it as perfectly as I could. I didn’t want to take any chances and checked the oven temperature before putting the meat in the oven.

I am therefore requesting if you can to take a look at this recipe please and have it re-tested as I cannot see where we went wrong?

We thankyou sincerely for your comments and for your guidance on this matter

Lindsey, Food Editor

Delia's Roast Pork recipe

Hello Eve,

I do have the e-mail that you sent to Delia yesterday via feedback and I will of course show Delia as soon as I can.

I am sorry that your pork was overcooked and spoiled and I know Delia will be too.

I think that as the recipe you are referring to is for a piece of pork weighing 2.25K and as your piece was a little over 50% larger the temperatures and the guidelines per pound would need adjusting.

Probably when Delia tested the recipe the timings per pound given were intended for a piece of pork that is about a half a pound more or less.

But as I say I will ask Delia and we will be in touch.

Many thanks


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