Whipping Cream stabiliser

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Whipping Cream stabiliser

Hi, can you please let me know the best way to stabilise whipped cream. It seems there are some things on the market (but not in the uk i.e. from Dr Oetker). Can you recommend another (easy!) way to do this - it is for filling and coating a black forest cake and I wanted to make it the day before but also wanted to use whipping cream so a bit lighter than double. The trouble with whipping cream it can often 'drop' a bit and go a bit watery without using a stabiliser. Thanks

Lindsey, Food Editor

For Quattro

Hello Quattro,

Your will see from my last answer when you asked this question last Friday that I use double cream.

Perhaps ask your question on the can anybody help forum to see if any members have a tried and tested easy way to stabilise whipping cream that they can share with you.

Best wishes


Helen Haslam

2 ways to stabilize..

1 - easiest - use confectioners sugar to sweeten - the bit of cornstarch helps.

2 - whip the cream, then drain for a few hours through a coffee filter, as though you were going to make greek yoghurt

or - 3 - google your question and see what comes up!


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