Lamb shanks - cooking times

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Lamb shanks - cooking times

I have a recipe to brown some lamb shanks on the hob and then place in the oven for 3 and 1/2 hours at 180c.

I know that lamb shanks are cooked for a long time but do you think 180c is the correct temperature, it seems a bit high to me?

Lindsey, Food Editor

For Amanda

Hello Amanda,

We have a recipe where we cook the lamb shanks for 3 hours at 140C once they have reached simmering point and I usually roast them long and slow but I have seen recipes that roast at 180C for 2 ½ hours and even at 200C for less time so your recipe will probably work.

Best wishes



Lamb shanks cooking time

Wow, that sounds like cremation to me. I recently cooked a large shank as a normal roast for my wife and myself. I pan-seared it in a little dripping to seal and brown then into a 160C oven for around half an hour until the meat was pulling back from the bone a little. Tender moist and pink. You can't un-cook it for sure but use a meat thermometer if you are uncertain.

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