Marmalade short cut

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Marmalade short cut

I have just made a batch of seville orange marmalade. I was in a hurry and made a mistake, adding the sugar before simmering the fruit for an hour to soften the peel. I fished out the peel with a slotted spoon, piled it into a mixing bowl and micro-waved it until soft, which took about ten to twelve minutes. I then added it to the syrup and continued. It has turned out fine! Has anyone else stumbled on this labour saving method?

Lindsey, Food Editor

For blue-gentian

Hello blue-gentian,

No, I would have to say for Seville Orange Marmalade we prefer to cook the orange gently for the 2 hours or until it is completely soft to make sure it doesn’t go tough when you boil it with the sugar.

But it’s always good to hear when a recipe that has not been followed has been successfully rescued.

Best wishes


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