Domed cakes

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Country Baker

Domed cakes

Why does it happen, particularly when baking 8" deep cakes, that they turn out "domed" rather than flat-topped. It can sometimes make icing them rather difficult as the icing tends to run off unless its quite thick. Any suggestions?


Lindsey, Food Editor

For Country Baker

Hello Country Baker,

I have never used them but I have seen something called Magi-cake strips, which you saturate in water and wrap round the cake tin before baking and they are supposed to cure this problem.

Perhaps ask on the can anyone help forum to see if anyone has any experience of using this product.

Best wishes


Essex Girl

Domed Cakes

I don't know how to stop cakes doming but I would turn it upside down to ice and, if necessary, slice a tiny bit of the bottom to level - but you don't always need to do that.

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